April 2, 2009

Eva Starr Loveridge

I just wanted you to know I posted a little bit about Grandma on my blog. I don't have any pics of the funeral, so if any of you have them, it would be awesome if you could post them so I can steal them! hehe The sooner the better!

January 9, 2009

Elayna's Baby Blessing

Anderton Baby Blessing

I LOVE this picture... I'm so glad we have it!

Bertie Botts Beans

Natalie, Andrew, Ashley, Matthew Bytheway Bertie Bott's Beans...

Elayna 1 day old/ Aaron and Andrew Basketball

Elayna-- I day old, our visit at the hospital
Aaron and Andrew- basketball season...
I tried to fix Andrew's eyes, but maybe you'll have better luck.